Photo cred - Le Huffington Post Québec

What would happen if an attractive young woman decided to walk around completely topless in downtown Montreal? Would men become so aroused they would become dangerous raving animals? Would infants yell "my virgin eyes" and proceed to cry? Would other women be incredibly disgusted and call the woman a series of vulgar terms? One journalist decided to put the speculation to rest, and actually find out.

Taking off her shirt and bra, Huffington Post journalist Lili Boisvert walked around St. Cats this summer with a photographer in tow in order to document the reaction of passersby. After walking past and meeting around 200 different people, Boisvert wasn't insulted, assaulted, or sexually harassed. According to Boisvert, people didn't really seem to care too much she was bare breasted.

A little surprising, given the stigma against women showcasing their nude chests in public, and Boisvert delves into her own counter intuitive findings. Boisvert posits that the nude male torso is just as arousing as woman's, if not more so, using Ryan Gosling as a very persuasive piece of evidence, and that the female torso isn't as provocative as people think.

You may disagree with Boisvert's perspective, and you should read the full article to fully understand her argument. We personally think Montrealers are just used to seeing strange stuff and people on the streets, hence the underwhelming reaction to Boisvert's breasts. Read the full article (in French) and take a look at the photo gallery of Boisvert's experience RIGHT HERE.

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