• As first-year students arrive in Montreal, many are about to embark on the adventure that is "frosh."
  • Though fun and informative, frosh can often be a time of regret for more mature students.
  • Here are some Montrealers' biggest regrets.

It's almost time to go back to school. For most, that means soaking in the last of the summer sun, buying new school books and getting ready for another semester.

For some sweet, bright-eyed freshmen, this new school year brings something a little more exciting: frosh week. Also known as Orientation Week, frosh is an occasion for students to learn more about the school's culture, meet new people and enjoy their first week as university students.

Of course, it is also an excuse to drink (responsibly) for an entire week while meeting new people that you will probably try to avoid once classes start.

As with any event where lots of booze are involved, frosh can lead to some major regrets. We talked to some students about their biggest frosh regrets, and the answers are equally hilarious, sad and unbelievable.

Drinking Too Much

If you're not used to drinking, or you've never drunk before, you might not know your limits, which can lead to some pretty unfortunate situations: breaking your phone, losing your keys, or even getting kicked out of a venue and not being able to participate in the rest of the frosh activities.

We spoke to a frosh leader who led froshies for three years. She said that, during one event, "one of my Froshies [was] restrained by a guard and [got] her bracelet cut."

Getting Too High

Yes, weed is legal here in Quebec. But, the same rules apply to weed as to drinking: know your limits. Just because something is legal, it doesn't mean that it's safe to consume in massive quantities.

If you've never smoked before, take it easy. Otherwise you'll end up zoned out on a bench on the corner of Prince Arthur and Saint-Laurent, unsure of where your group went, what city you're in, or how to get back to your apartment.

Unfortunate Injuries

Some whacky and unpredictable injuries can happen during frosh. Case in point: the frosh leader recounts that "one year, as we were leaving a pre, someone dropped a beer bottle onto one of my froshies' heads from 2 stories up on a balcony." 


Terrible Hookups

Of course, frosh is often an excuse for people to hook up with as many people as they can. Tim* explains that he regrets hooking up with so many people, explaining that "sex in public" and chlamydia were not how he hoped to start his university career.

What doesn't matter during frosh: your number of partners. What does matter: safe, consensual and protected sex.

Not Making Friends

Clearly, many of people's regrets revolve around making poor hookup decisions. Howver, Sam's* main regret is focusing on hookups, rather than "forging relationships with people I could have been long-term friends with."

Making The Wrong Friends

However, not all friendships forged during frosh are created equal. For example, though I met some interesting people in my frosh group, we didn't keep contact once frosh week was over. My closest friends ended up being people I met in class or through extracurricular activities.

I'm not the only one who didn't stay friends with their frosh friends. As Andrew* explains, "the 2 friends I made during frosh ended up hooking up, dating for a month or so, breaking up, and then I couldnt hang out with either."

Getting Too Sick To Enjoy The First Week Of Class

Last but not least, we have to talk about "frosh flu." With so many people drinking from the same glasses, kissing and just being generally too close to one another, passing germs from one person to another is inevitable. 

This results in the frosh flu, where ex-froshies have to contemplate their not-so-great life choices while also dealing with a fever and a nasty cough. As Tim told me, "one of my biggest regrets is getting very, very ill from sharing bottles and making out."

The frosh leader we spoke with said that "one year we had a huge group of kids, so we had extra leaders. By the end of frosh all the leaders had above 100 degree fevers, none of us could speak because we had lost our voices, and we still had to stay out until until 4 a.m. to get all our kids home."

Now that's true frosh leader dedication.

*some names were changed to preserved anonymity. 

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