Guys, there once was a myth that in order to enjoy seriously awesome poutine, you had to be in Quebec.

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And while there is some truth to that myth - there's nothing on this earth quite like a poutine straight from our gorgeous province - it's not all straight truths.

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If you happen to be venturing outside of Quebec, but still craving a little taste of our most awesome dish, then you're in luck.

A solid number of places around the world have started making poutines, and although I can't attest personally to the authenticity of these dishes, I can say that these spots get all the points for honouring our signature french fries, sauce, and cheese curds mix.

One such spot just so happens to be located in Manchester, England.

Blue Caribou Canteen is a poutine pop-up restaurant in Manchester. Although it specializes in serving up some seriously legit looking poutines, their menu is very soon going to consist of more delicacies from Quebec, including imported artisanal products.

How did they get all this insider info on what makes Quebec dishes so great?

Well, one of the owners is from Montreal. So above all, you know this spot in inspired by home AF. (Yes, "inspired by home AF" is an expression. Just go with it).

I also really think it's super chill how someone from the city moved overseas, set up an entire business around poutine, and is now slaying the Manchester poutine game. Fellow poutine - and Montreal - lovers, how can this story not warm your heart to the very core?

Sound like the most awesome thing you've heard of today? Check out Blue Caribou Canteen on Facebook & Instagram.

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