Photo Cred - Allen McInnis, The Gazette

We all saw it coming, but last night's Habs win over the Boston Bruins still tastes as sweet as if it came out of nowhere.

Subban rocked it like regular, Weise played magically, and all of Montreal showed their support in person and on all forms of social media.

No riots but tons of love shown. Check out the online fandoration for the habs below.

So much pride

The very beautiful opener

Do what you have to do

Damn skippy they're feeling it

Two strikes, that coat and that Bruins cufflink

Don't make him angry, you wouldn't like him when he's angry

Simply epic

Of course not, but the candle is pushing it

And we've never regretted it

Chest pounding is OK when you truly deserve to

How did you show your Habs love?

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