Last night we all lost a friend. Robin Williams, an actor and comedian who has touched every one of our lives, whether by making us laugh or cry, has passed away, as we're all too well aware. No one could have expected Williams' apparent suicide, and as news spread, each and every person felt their heart sink as a legend was lost. Montreal has been no exception.

You no doubt saw posts from your friends in your Twitter/Tumblr/FB feed acknowledging the death of Williams, and while some may say RIP-posts are annoying or redundant, they are a way for all of us to share our grief. Montrealers, from big names like Denis Coderre and Xavier Dolan to the average citizen, all felt the need to express their emotions through social media and give remembrance to an exceptional human being, because sometimes it helps to know others are feeling the same sadness as you.

Montreal will remember Robin Williams fondly, and the tweets below are proof.

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