Photo cred - @amandagalipeau

Rising rap star and all around sexy badass Iggy Azalea rocked the stage of Montreal's Corona Theatre last night, and while fans gathered and clamored in expectation, Iggy's performance delivered.

Just look at all these tweets from the Montrealers who attended the show. All the emoji hearts and exclamation marks prove the legend is real.

If you couldn't attend the show, or just want to be taken back to last night's explosion of music and female ferocity, check out the top tweets and photos below from Montreal's Iggy Azalea show.

Never gonna wash my hand again

The legend herself

A truly true truth.

Iggy, you know you shouldn't leave your gurrrlll waiting

Some sexy pics, courtesy of Ultimate Iggy Azalea, which sounds like Iggy's second digievolution

The best part about a live performance: smartphones blocking your view

I think she got it the first time

I'm glad someone else in Montreal recognizes "awesomeness" as a real word

 You shouldn't, you reeallly shouldn't

In case you missed the whole thing

You're welcome, we do our best

Are you an Iggy Azalea fan?

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