Photo cred - Studio Graetz

Back in the day, Montreal used to be quite the hub of industrial activity. You wouldn't really be able to tell that the city was once home to many factories and ports exporting a wide range of goods nowadays, but there is one vestige of those forgotten days: Silo No. 5.

What was once a revolutionary industrial structure that comprised 206 silos filled with grain, Silo No. 5 now stands as a symbol of Montreal's bygone industrial days, with its official closing in 1994. There is a future for Silo No. 5, with plans set for it being redeveloped as part of Montreal's new harbourfront in 2025.

Despite its now defunct industrial status, Silo No. 5 is still a very interesting structure, and offers a look into the city's past. Montreal's Studio Graetz decided to venture into the half a kilometre long building, allowing all of us to peer inside and take a look at the city from the top of Silo No. 5, truly one of the better views of the city available.

Kudos to Joli Joli Design for originally compiling Studio Graetz's image series, which can be viewed below.

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