Yesterday you were either doing on of two things in Montreal:

i) Celebrating a wholesome Easter Sunday with your family

ii) Getting ripped as tits at Tam Tams for 420

Ideally you were doing the second, as the combo of 420 and Tam Tams, which organically both occurred on a Sunday, is like stoner Christmas, New Years, Kwanza and Easter. JC doesn't mind if you took the day off the celebrate, trust, he gets it.

Just in case you didn't celebrate 420 with the rest of Montreal, or if you just were too damn high to remember most of it, live the magic through the tweets and pics below.

In Montreal, everyday is special. Special like "special" brownie special.

Mind = blown

As long as you joined in afterwards

Sepia and stoners are a match made in Instagram heaven

For real, deliverable cookies was like a 420-Easter combo miracle

Either/or. Guess which we chose

Seriously, its one or the other. Pick a side.

420 from every angle

Munchies: a beautiful problem to least when you're at A&W

Sorry dude, I tried to remember to watch the game...but then I got high. And Game of Thrones was on, so...

Did you celebrate 420?

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