Photo cred - Dallas Scott Knoxx

Have you noticed the ominous green glow painting the skies of Montreal every evening? We, and a bunch of other Montrealers have, and entered the nation of speculation: gaseous fumes? A tear in the fabric of reality? UFOs? Toronto's green-with-envy for Montreal pooling above the city?

Close on that last one (not really) but the real explanation is nothing so exciting. Montreal's night sky glow of green is thanks to the Complexe Desjardins building, newly outfitted with emerald lights.

Far off from downtown, it's kind of hard to discern the origin point of the Desjardins green glow, which is why some have thought green fireballs could have been cause. When you're close by the building, it's pretty easy to see, as the Instagram pic below showcases. Journal Metro even confirmed the glow is due to Desjardins, for those still speculating.

Have you seen the green glow?

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