Quebec's first parkour competition is happening in Montreal this summer, so get your running/climbing/back-flipping shoes ready. As part of the Jackalope action sports festival, the parkour-off will be held on July 19th & 20th at the Olympic Stadium. Hundreds in cash and the bragging rights to call yourself the city's greatest urban ninja will be awarded to the winners.

Two separate competitions will be held to determine the truly pro traceurs (parkour practitioners, according to urban dictionary) both with cash prizes:

  • Saturday July 19th - Speed Challenge Obstacle Course - $500 cash prize
  • Sunday July 20th - Freestyle Trick Challenge - $500 cash prize + $150 bonus for best trick combo

For those of you who are itching for the chance to show off your parkour skills, you can register for both events right here. Be sure to hone your skills at the acrobatic park beforehand. Everyone else can just come watch, for the moments of pure parkour epic-ness, and when people just fall on their face. Both will be equally entertaining.

To get all the info and updates on Montreal's parkour competition, check out the FB event here, and the Jackalope festival's page here.

Will you be attending?

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