Grey concrete has nuttin' on the green of gardens, yet our city is overrun with the blandness of sidewalks and asphalt roads. Jardin de Rue plants to change that by transforming concrete sidewalks into beautiful roadside gardens. Already changing the city in Rosemont, JDR is a truly green initiative that should be seen throughout the city.

Jardin de Rue was started by Laurent Richer. Put off by streets that were "just plain ugly," Richter sought to make a change, one that would be easier on the eyes and the environment. Originally a school project, JDR has expanded into the Rosemont community, with 10 sidewalk-sections transformed into sidewalk gardens.

The process to create a sidewalk garden is a little strenuous, involving the removal of all the asphalt (which is thankfully recycled), then placing in the soil and greenery. While it takes some time, previous transformations have brought together the Rosemont community, creating a communal project that everyone can partake and benefit from.

Not only do these sidewalk gardens look much prettier than simple concrete, they also help to regulate the city's temperature and fight against urban pollution. The City of Montreal has worked with the initiative to recreate Montreal's sidewalks and roads, so nothing seems to be in the way of other boroughs following suit and creating their own sidewalk gardens. The bueaty and benefits are evident, so lets make it happen Montreal.

To get all the info, check out Jardin de Rue's FB page.

Would you enjoy a sidewalk garden in your borough?

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