Photo cred - Québecor Media

What makes Montreal so amazing is that literally any aspect of the city can be transformed into a work art. Buildings are beautified by murals, random red balls pop up by major landmarks, and even the STM bus shelters have been known to become living pieces of urban art, just like the one below.

More of a promo than a wholly artistic work, the revamped bus shelter on Metcalf and René-Lévesque still looks really cool despite its intended purpose to advertise a new videogame. Created by Quebecor and Ubisoft, the 3D bus shelter has been outfitted with FarCry 4 swag, looking like a building straight out of the videogame's digital world, which is set the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat.

This isn't the first FarCry 4 takeover in Montreal, as just last week a whole block party took place in the legendary parking lot on St. Laurent and Prince Arthur that MuralFest calls home. Maybe we'll see even more FarCry-centric happenings in the city, but for now, you can wait for the bus like a true FPS fan when taking the 150 for the next 4 weeks.

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