Well, guys, we did it. We made it through most of 2016. We braved the harsh February-March weather. We lived it TF up in the summer. We soaked in the beauty of the fall.

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And now, here we are, going through the very first actual snowfall. Although not all of us love the snow (and that's cool!) I don't think you can deny that it makes for some pretty glorious photos.

The city is seriously stunning - and snowy - from this angle.

Holiday decorations + snow = one seriously good time.

A photo posted by Mauro Barra (@mbarra_ca) on

Notice how cute the snowy lawn furniture is in the corner.

Montreal's outdoor staircases x snow.

Look at this cute little snow pup!

Fall and winter rolled into one.

A photo posted by Marie (@paradoxxly) on

Trees that look like this = bae forever.

A photo posted by Jaclyn Phaneuf ? (@j_pha9) on

Looks like it's shaping up to be one seriously fun snowday.

A photo posted by Mauro Barra (@mbarra_ca) on

It might be cold, but at least it's beautiful out!

This squirrel is my spirit animal TBH.

A photo posted by Zack Rynar (@zack_rynar) on

Stunning urban backyard views.

A photo posted by Esther Sa (@_esther.esther_) on

There's nothing like walking through a snowy path for the first time.

Does this not look like something out of a Christmas card?

So serene.

Perfectly capturing the downtown core from above.

A photo posted by Adam Lackman (@adam.lackman) on

Plateau vibes.

How cute is this adorable winter pup?

Those tree branches though.

A photo posted by ⚜ (@julieng.g) on

What most of our views will consist of today.

Downtown snowfalls are the prettiest snowfalls.

Walking (the dog) through a winter wonderland.

A photo posted by Léa (@flor_ette) on

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