I've been living with my GF for about a year now.

She has a dog named Biff, and when we moved in together I couldn't have been happier because it was the first time I ever owned a dog.

Over the past year, Biff has become a member of my family. My parents love him, my friends love him, even my co-workers love him so much that they made him the official mascot of MTLBlog.

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But there's one thing I've noticed over the past year that has made me jealous of Biff, he has better health care than I do.

I know it sounds crazy, but allow me to explain.

My experience with hospitals for the most part have not been pleasant. For years I couldn't find a family doctor, which was annoying because whenever I had a minor health problem, my only options were either paying to be seen at a private clinic or going to the emergency room.

But since nothing ever felt like a "real emergency" I would often just ignore the problem until it went away.

When I found a family doctor I thought my problems were over, but I was wrong.

If I wanted an appointment I had to wait a minimum of 8 months. 8 mother fucking months! And when you get to the appointment 8 months later, you still have to wait up to 2 hours before the doctor can see you.

Now let's consider my dog's health care.

If anything is wrong with my dog whatsoever, I can call for an appointment and get one the very next day. But that's not even the best part. One time the vet was 10 minutes late for the appointment and to apologize, he gave me a 15% discount.

I was stunned. I don't even get that kind of service when I go to a private clinic for humans.

If my dog has an urgent problem, I can head to a 24 hour emergency animal clinic where the longest time I've ever had to wait was 30 minutes.

Let's compare this to a regular hospital emergency room. A few years back, I broke my hand and I had to sit in excruciating pain for 9 hours in the emergency room before being seen by a doctor.

I waited so long that the bone had started to set, which means the doctor had to re-break (is that even a word?) my hand before putting a cast on.

It really is amazing to me, but it hits me like an epiphany everytime I find myself waiting for a doctor: My dog has better health care than I do.

Now, I'm not sure if that means Montreal's health care sucks, or if it simply means doggy health care is beyond amazing, but either way I'm jealous.

And yes I am very aware that there are more people than dogs in Montreal, but the fact remains, if my dog and I are broken, he will always get fixed first, and that's messed up any way you look at it.

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