Photo cred - Sara Hini

Spend a day walking around Montreal, and you'll see a lot of weird, yet always interesting, objects, individuals, and works of art. A certain unique vibrancy emanates from Montreal's streets, along with constant potential for random strange encounters, both of which you can only understand and experience by roaming the city. Montreal photographer Sara Hini did just that, and her photos are proof of Montreal's inherently peculiar yet amazing energy.

Taking her camera into the city, Hini wished to create a photo series that exists as an ode to the "raw and unpolished...simple comeliness of everyday life." Hini's photo series, fittingly titled A Roaming Day, is exactly that.

With an Instagram-ish feel to every frame, a certain sense of authenticity runs through Hini's photo set. More than any other skyline picture, A Roaming Day gives you a real sense of what Montreal is like: gritty, strange, and altogether beautiful. See what we mean through the sample of A Roaming Day below.

See more of Hini's work at the A Roaming Day Tumblr page and her official website here.

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