To be totally honest with you guys, I love Montreal, and I love Quebec, and I love Canada. My city, province, and country are all huge points of pride for me. 

Which is why, when I stumbled upon these two AskReddit threads, one by /u/Tovinx asking how people around the world perceive Montreal, and one by /u/evoraz asking Reddit what they knew about Quebec, I was instantly interested.

And, guess what? Montreal and Quebec are both known for being seriously awesome... but no surprise there, TBH.

"Very drunkily."

from trentsim, when asked how they perceived Montreal. My kind of person, honestly.

"American here. I know you speak French, and that's about it, other than you're the home of Unibroue."

from mattinthecrown

"That is where all the 'Just for Laughs - Gags' is shot."

"People seem super fucking nice and downright LOVABLE!!! I want to visit Quebec simply because of how SWEET those people look in that show!"

from MyHeadIsNotRight


"I know basically nothing about it. My perception isn't even properly formed really. It's Canada. Cold. French-ish. Poutine? Hockey. It's on the East side of the Country."

from Casmicand

"drink when your 18?"

from talleyeJim

"I've camped near Cabano a few times - nice people, nice area. Montreal I got a few dirty looks for speaking english. Drivers in Montreal are some of the most insane I've encountered - but very skilled too."

from betelgeux

"I'm an Ontarian.

"You speak French, Quebec city is beautiful, Montreal is scary, hydropower, amazing food and tourist sites, fantastic churches and history.

"Are they staying or leaving? (Seperatists)

"Overall, easy place to go get nice food, and culture."

from -Rugrats-

"I live in Vermont and think you guys drive like shit. Other than that you guys are legit. Oh, you don't tip enough if any at all."

from redleif


"I'm from BC, I went to Quebec once, There was a lot of snow and my host family was really nice but everyone smoked, like EVERYone."

from [deleted]

"I'm an American immigrant here. Québec is awesome."

from globotomy

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