A study from North Dakota State University, Fargo, Gettysburg College and Saint Xavier University suggests that people who prefer sweets have "sweeter" personalities. Can a sweet tooth be linked to certain personality traits? Absolutely.

One study showed that people who prefer sweet snacks are more willing to help those around them. Another study pointed out that people who like sweet taste over salty are more agreeable but not as extroverted.

“It is striking that helpful and friendly people are considered ‘sweet’ because taste would seem to have little in common with personality or behavior. Yet, recent psychological theories of embodied metaphor led us to hypothesize that seemingly innocuous metaphors can be used to derive novel insights about personality and behavior. [Most] importantly, our taste studies controlled for positive mood so the effects we found are not due to the happy or rewarding feeling one may have after eating a sweet food.” says Dr. Meier.

In other words, one can actually predict someone's personality traits based on their food preferences. So next time you see someone munching on a chocolate bar, you know that they're more likely to be nice. Pretty crazy!

Photo cred - Weheartit

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