Who would've thought that there is a correlation between these two things? Well, science has spoken: people who have regular sex earn more money. Apparently, people who are more fulfilled at home are more successful at work. It kind of makes sense to me - more booty at home leads to a greater mood at work and, as a consequence, you end up performing better. Happy people are more productive, right?

The study was conducted among 7,500 participants. Results - people who have sex three to four times a week earn, on average, 4.5% more than their colleagues who don't get laid as often.

It is actually unclear whether increased sexual activity leads to better performance at work which, in turn, leads to higher pay. Or, maybe, people who make more money are just better liars and/or they love to exaggerate? Food for thought, guys.

Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory also covers this subject vaguely. You can't be successful at work without your primal needs being satisfied. Physiological needs are the foundation of everything else in life. If you're constantly horngry (ˈho'NGɡrē' adjective - feeling or displaying the need for food AND sex; horny + hungry, duh!), you can't go any further in your personal development. Horngry people can't achieve self-actualization! Remember to tell this to your girlfriend next time she has a "headache".

Basically, we all need peace and love in our households in order to build an empire à la Queen B and Jay Z. And, by "peace and love", I mean getting down and dirty in the bedroom, obviously.


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