Montreal's indie music festival may be many months away, but that hasn't stopped Pop Montreal from joining in the provincial election pandemonium to get your attention.

To promote Pop Montreal 2014 the festival has started a campaign of their own. "Bienvenue à tous!" is Pop Montreal's new Charter of Values series of posters both promoting this year's event, while charmingly satirizing the PQ's controversial bill.

Each poster is plastered with the "Qc2014 Pigeon," a cartoon bird wearing all sorts of religious headgear and symbols. The pigeons religiously inspired fashion coupled with "everyone is welcome" is an obvious jab at the CoV's xenophobic aspects.

The election-style posters have been put up all around the city. Unfortunately, the Qc 2014 Pigeon will not be an official candidate. Too bad, I have more faith in the snarky and adorable Pop Pigeon than most of the other election candidates.

Check out the posters below.

You can check out the full poster series, like your favourite pigeon pic, and make it your cover/profile picture at the Pop Montreal FB page.

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