Nature's beauty and the trippy-fun of a light show are now one and the same, at least at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook just outside of Montreal. Infusing technological wonders of illumination in a forest setting, with some local lore thrown in, "Forest Lumina" looks to be a sensory experience like no other.

Forest Lumina is a 2km trail, held at night, which brings walkers into a twilight world of mytholigical creatures and magic, all of which come alive thanks to a carpet of LED lights, hanging lanterns, and a plethora of projections.

The Gorge de Coaticook pathway is already a major tourist attraction, famous for its suspended footbridge, which is the longest in North America. Forest Lumina adds another element to the trail, making it romantic, exciting, and trippy, depending on what you're going for.

To those still a little wary of how cool Forest Lumina's light show can be, note that the production company (Moment Factory) has also done the lighting for many a famous musical act, including Arcade Fire. And if it's good enough for Arcade Fire, it's good enough for you and worth the 2 hour drive east from Montreal.

Check out Forest Lumina in the video below, courtesy of Moment Factory:

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