Word to the wise: Canada should absolutely not be visited or explored, ever, by anyone. Take it from someone who's lived in Canada her whole life - there's nothing to see here, folks.

That's right. It's honestly not like Canada has some of the most beautiful natural views in the world, awesome things to be incredibly proud offantastic world rankings, or an incredibly diverse country and population - we're just not like that. And if you're thinking of visiting anyway, well, I've got a few more reasons why you absolutely won't have the time of your life here.

1. We've got 0 diversity.

2. And there's nothing to see here except a bunch of trees.

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3. Summer legit doesn't even exist.

4. Neither does fall or spring. We're in eternal winter, basically.

5. And those winters are long and boring.

6. It's a very small country. There's basically no room for activities.

7. Our nightlife scene leaves a lot to be desired.

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8. Frankly, we're a very conservative bunch.

9. Our beaches are ugly, cold, and highkey boring.

10. Plus, you can't even play water sports. Anywhere.

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11. Forget about eating at a fancy restaurant. We have no world renowned chefs here.

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12. Want to eat like a local? You're out of luck. "Canadian" food is awful.

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13. Our Prime Minister is totally uninspiring.

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14. And there's literally nothing at all to do or see in Ottawa.

15. Hate to say it, but the entire country is super ugly, from A-Z.

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16. And there are absolutely no natural wonders to discover. Like, at all.

17. In general, we tend to not be an adventurous people. That's why we just don't do things.

18. Our taste in music is the pits. We've never given the world some of its greatest artists, TBH.

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19. Don't make fun of us. We won't laugh along.

20. We're just generally not big into sports. Especially not hockey.

21. Parties, events, festivals, and cool things just don't happen here.

22. And we don't even have a super diverse and important history or anything.

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23. I mean, our architecture is just. So. Bland.

24. You legit can't see the stars from anywhere.

25. Our provincial parks are so boring, I literally cannot.

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26. Not to mention, Canada is actually the least romantic place in the world.

27. And honestly, we just don't know how to party.

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