Montreal has a reputation for having crazy drivers. I say crazy because I can't use the term "bad driver" because it implies that the person has trouble driving, which makes them dangerous. But these "crazy drivers" are people who know how to drive, but they use their skills to taunt and piss each other off.

Montreal drivers will literally risk their own lives to make sure you don't pass ahead them. Because letting a car go ahead of you is considered a sign of weakness here.

This video is a perfect example, 2 friends are driving around in a Golf while another driver in Honda Civic begins passing them on the left. The driver of the Civic then decides at the very last second that he wants to be in the center lane which means he was now blocking the left and center lane.

Now instead of letting him go and going on with their lives. The two friends decided to reason with the owner of the black Civic by honking at him, taunting him and asking him why he kept switching lanes every time the Golf tried to pass him. (Turns out the civic has been repeatedly cutting them off)

Then the light turns green and the two friends pull out ahead. The Civic cannot accept this insult and so he proceeds to chase them down while honking frantically. The two friends then purposely slow down and even give him the middle finger in an effort to mend fences. So the Civic decides to drive into oncoming traffic just to be able to pass the Golf. Once he does, he promptly slams on the breaks to block the Golf's path.

The civic may have been wrong, but taunting him is probably the dumbest thing anyone could do at that point. Bad drivers will be bad drivers and the only thing you achieve by taunting them is proving you're just as stupid as they are while putting the rest of the public at risk. Next time, just be quiet and perhaps we'll get home safely.


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