Last week we posted a list of celebrities you didn't know owned mansions in Montreal but couldn't really feature this one since the "Huss" hardly qualifies as a celebrity per se.

But you can't deny his popularity, especially when a quarter million people have died under your dictatorship. More infamous than anything else.

In 1979, The Consulate of Iraq bought a property in Montreal to house their representatives. Now according to rumors, Saddam Hussein himself visited the house several times and even lived there briefly. The house had a huge yard, an indoor pool and even a sauna.

Some say there is a secret underground passage in the flooded basement connecting this house to another house nearby.

On September 22 1980, the day of the Invasion of Iran, the house was suddenly abandoned by the Iraqi officials and nature slowly started taking it back until a fire destroyed most of it in 2004.

The more you know, right? Check out the pics below.


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