Being sexy and being smart is not mutually exclusive. Recent scientific studies reveal how regular sexual activity maintains active brain functions, and keeps your mind alert and rarin' to go, just like it does for your junk.

Two studies, one by the University of Maryland and the other from the Konkuk University in Seoul, have both found that sexual activity restores brain functions and mitigates the effects of aging on the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is basically the part of your brain that manages and connects neurons, the brain cells used to remember things. As we age, the hippocampus tends to decline in efficiency, and our brains get slower. Having sex has shown to improve the functions of the hippocampus, allowing it to manage neurons better despite aging, and thus making you able to recall information at a faster rate. In other words, sex makes your brain smarter.

Sex isn't the magic cure for stupidity, as much as we wish it was. We've all met beautiful people who get laid all the time but are dumb as bricks. Instead, sex is one of the many activities that sharpen your brain, along with exercise and actual learning. Still, the next time you want to do well on an exam, consider a quickie to get your brain in gear.

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