When a girl breaks up with a guy, she goes through a series of completely irrational decisions based on her unstable emotional state of that moment. She's a little all over the place. One minute she's happy, next thing you know, she's crying in the corner while remembering all the great things that happened when she was with her boyfriend.

But then, suddenly, she makes up her mind: "It's time to turn the page." That's when the newly single girl does certain things that make it obvious to the rest of the world that she's fresh out of a relationship. Here they are:

Erases all photo evidence.

This is the #1 giveaway that a girl is no longer with her boyfriend. Look her up on Instagram real quick. Does she have pictures with her "bae"? No? They're done.

Goes out. Goes out a LOT.

Her social media updates revolve around posting photos of her "girl squad." Drake knows best, she "started wearing less and going out more, hanging with some girls [he] never seen before."

Obsesses over fitness and getting in shape.

Now that she's back on the market, she wants to look and feel her best. She will most probably post workout mirror selfies and photos showcasing progress of her squat challenge.

Posts ridiculous Facebook status updates.

Probably about being a strong and independent woman, à la "Spoil me with loyalty, I can finance myself #goaldigger #bossgirl"

Posts song lyrics.

"Shine a light through an open door

Love and life I will divide

Turn away 'cause I need you more

Feel the heartbeat in my mind



Changes her profile picture often.

At least five times in the last week... she wants your undivided attention, all of it. Tell her she looks beautiful, it will make her day.

Dates out of control.

If she's being seen with different guys every other day, she's either an escort or she just got out of a serious relationship and is freaking out because she doesn't like the thought of being alone.

Signs up to dating apps.

You match with a girl on Tinder and she tells you something along the lines of, "I'm new here." She's looking for a rebound, buddy.

Talks a lot about being single by choice.

"I'm single because I choose to be single, ok? Ok???"


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