If there's one thing that screams 90's more than Gigapets, it's Beanie Babies. Everyone you knew owned at least 12 of them.

And if you ever asked a beanie bay collector why they have so many, they would inevitably answer: "They're going to be worth a lot of money some day. You'll see."

Turns out that Beanie Baby values did not skyrocket as everyone predicted. But hope fully you didn't throw out your old collection because there actually are certain Beanie Babies that are worth a small fortune.

So go dig up your old beanie babies, hope that those little TY labels are still attached and check to see if you own any of these:

Photo cred - coololdstuffforsale



Part of the original 9, and also one of the first to be retired.

Photo cred - kimdodesign



Part of the original 9, pretty much any original 9 is worth something.

Photo cred - lovemybeanies

Coral Casino Bear


In 2001, the Coral Casino Beanie Baby bear was given as a gift to club members. Less than 600 were made and each one is numbered and signed.

Photo cred - mostluxuriouslist



Part of the original 9, and also one of the first to be retired.

Photo cred - Lovemybeanies



Part of the original 9, and also one of the first to be retired.

Photo cred - amazon

M.C. Beanie


If you applied for a Master Card between 2001-2002, then you may have received this limited edition bear. It is the first Beanie Baby to have the word "Beanie" in its name.

Photo cred - smartcollecting

Patti Platypus


This is one of the original 9 beanie babies, so of course it's worth a lot. But if you somehow get your hand on the one with Korean Tags, then it's your lucky day.

Photo cred - Lovemybeanies

Hong Kong Toy Fair Bear 2010


Every year, the Hong Kong toy fair produces these limited edition fair bears. The first ones were made in 2010 making them the most valuable.

Photo cred - daddytypes

Chef Robuchon


This was a limited release, only 200 bears were produced in 2006 for the opening of a restaurant in New York.

Photo cred - ebay



The royal blue version of this elephant sold at auction for over $3,000 and it was only a 3rd generation.

Photo cred - amazon



There are a few different versions of this one. The most valuable one has a shiny horn and a rainbow mane. However the original with the soft horn can also be worth a lot.

Photo cred - bustle


Part of the original 9, and also one of the first to be retired. First editions are worth the most.

Teddy (old face)


The brown version of this bear can be worth up to $500, Jade is worth $800 but the magenta version sells for $5,000 on ebay.



The valentino bear isn't worth much, but if you somehow got one of the ones with spelling mistake in the tag, you're looking at a $30,000 pay day.



This bear was made as part of a fundraising effort for the The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. it is allegedly worth $93,000.

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