Photo cred - Wally Gobetz

My oh my,  have we got some truly fantastical news for you. Prepare yourselves for the greatest scavenger hunt of all time, because free beers will soon be hidden all around Montreal, and they are all yours to find and claim.

Hidden Beer, a self-described "group of billionaires who hide beer [around cities] so you don't have to" have confirmed to us that they are bringing their mission of alcoholic good will to Montreal. See the tweets below for evidence.

Two days ago, Hidden Beer came onto the twitter-sphere outta nowhere, and began hiding packs or bottles of beer around the city of Vancouver. HB gave pictorial clues to Vancouverites (ranging from easy to difficult) and let finders be keepers for the hidden beers. Sexy set-up, right?

We made it our mission to find out if this awesome initiative would make its way to Montreal, and thankfully, Hidden Beer responded with an emphatic yes. You don't have to thank us or anything, just enjoy all that free beer, starting tomorrow!

Make sure you follow Hidden Beer on Twitter for any and all updates, because lets be honest, you're gonna wanna be the first person to nab 'dem brews.

Will you be on the hunt for free beers?

For more on all things Montreal, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte

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