It's just past 10 am, and Montreal is coated with a thin layer of sugared powder, also called snow. 

Did you know that 2015 was the warmest year we've had in Montreal since 1880? Pretty impressive. Yet, as much as we expect it, us Montrealers very rarely complete this winter checklist, and are always surprised when the first snow hits the ground.

And we always want to share the news...

"Oui Facebook, ya de la neige ce matin"

Photo Creds - Yohan Miron

"First snow fall and everyone forgets how to drive... Gotta love Montreal"

Photo Creds - Keren Ollo

"Winter is here #mood"

Photo Creds - MeDi-mzil

"Montreal first snow"

Photo Creds - Moustapha Moukahal

"Officially I'm a grown man I had my winter tires put on before the first snow fall."

Photo Creds - Adamo Mariani

"4 X 4 season"

Photo Creds - Benny Benaroch

"Besoin d'un hélicoptère pour Mtl" - Vincent Nguyen

Photo Creds - Vincent Nguyen

"Here we go again. Bonjour"

Photo Creds - Dina Jarrar

"Waking up to see the first snow fall is always exciting as a kid but as an adult you think to yourself, crap another year of cleaning this sh!t on the ground."

Photo Creds - Alessandro Minchella

and of course the classic...

"Hey mang"

Photo Creds - Jeremy Hazan

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