It seems like the romantic comedy genre is experiencing a serious comeback. Netflix is churning out romcoms like nobody's business. And the most surprising part: they're actually really good!

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TL;DR  "The Hookup Plan" is a highly anticipated French-made 8-episode romantic comedy series that will be airing on Netflix Canada December 7th! 

For example, To All The Boys I've Loved or Sierra Burges Is A Loser are all Netflix produced teen rom coms that balance the fine line between being relatable yet also forward-thinking and progressive. 

In short, these films refreshingly break the typical romantic comedy mould.

Despite the fact that Netflix has received a lot of criticism for producing questionable content and shows, they are still quite talented at scouting the international market and bringing home some gold-star series for our viewing pleasure.

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One French show that is particularly anticipated is rom-com feel-good series "The Hookup Plan."

The film follow a socially timid French girl and her much less shy and sassy Parasian friends.

But perpetually-single Elsa's luck at romance suddenly turns for the better when she meets a handsome new suitor. But you know what they say, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. There's a big secret her friends are keeping from her about this new man: he's an escort.

Despite this crazy plot twist, viewers will still find the characters among the most relatable on television. French website, Télérama, for example, has called it worthy of "two boxes of chocolates."

Peep the trailer below! This is going to be your Netflix binge for the snowy and cold weekend. The series is officially airing December 7th!

Read more about the series here.

Watch it by clicking HERE!


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