Show of hands: who here has ever gone on vacation, really hit it off with someone, and never saw them again?

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If you recognize this situation, then you know it's kind of not ideal.

Whether it's for friendship (or something more!) we all know the potential meeting someone on vacation has.

One of my former coworkers met someone while she was vacationing; now, they're very happily married and living their best lives

Either way, losing touch with someone you had a connection with can be super disappointing. Which is exactly why I felt compelled to help out one Swiss woman. 

We recently recieved an email from a woman from Switzerland, asking us to help locate a man from Montreal she met while on vacation in Colombia a few months ago:

Apparently, the two hit it off. One problem - she can't remember his name.

What she does know, though, is that he owns a bikeshop in Montreal and that he has a degree in mechanical engineering. He's about 23-24 years old. 

IMO, I think trying to help someone reconnect with a lost friend is kind of beautiful; and I wish this woman best of luck with her search. If you think you could help out, drop us a line - because sometimes, missed connections don't have to stay that way.

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