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If by now, you still haven't figured out how to afford both your rent and your paint brushes and need to be ready for your opening next month, it might be time to squeeze a 9 to 5 into your schedule. As a creative, all the time spent doing every day work will always be of better use building something nobody understands, but apparently bears a lot of your personal agony, because, well, you're an artist, right!

But think twice, Montreal being a city that attracts a lot of young creatives, there are always great opportunities to make a quick buck and stay in good terms with your landlord. Might even have enough money left for a cool beer to let the creative juices flow!

 1. A Waiter/Bartender

The service business can be a tough one. Some clients are too picky, there's always too many clients and you might question your choice in the middle of rush time, but it's also so much fun! Not to mention, you might make more money in tips alone, than someone working in an office, over time. Enjoy the free meal and use your tips to good use.

This restaurant right here is looking for some help!


 2. Administrative Assistant

If what you're looking for is a 9 to 5 to buy the latest Peachy 3D Printer and learn a thing or two about business, you should think about being an administrative assistant. There's a ton of fields looking for someone to expedite orders and answer calls like fashion companies, gyms and spas. It's also a great way to get used to writing formal letters, that's the type of thing that comes in handy when pitching for a grant to fund your next project.

Apply here!


 3. Retailer

If you're a people's person, a retail job is the perfect stomping ground to meet new interesting people and build a network around you. You'll learn to manage a budget and never again find yourself expecting for your next check. Though most boutiques don't pay by commission so often anymore, it's always sweet to get bonuses based on your performance AND get to finish early on weekends!

Ever wanted to work downtown? Apply now!


 4. Freelance Graphic Designer

If you're the kind of artist that has both the vision and the business-savvy, maybe you should consider going freelance! Expand your knowledge and learn to do it all yourself, you never know when Photoshop'll come in handy. Working freelance is a great way to showcase your talents in a professional setting, while keeping your coveted freedom, as you might work more out of the office than in.

Some are even willing to pay big bucks for your talents!


 5. Social Media Promotion

Do you spend as much time drawing the next best thing after Basquiat, as you do on Facebook? Well, I got you! With the new services offered by Facebook and other social media outlets to businesses now, companies have started hiring small teams of trendy, influential individuals dedicated to social media promotion, and you just might be the one! It's a great way to learn about marketing and,

I mean, what better way to get yourself some fame nowadays than on the internet? These positions are rarely permanent, but it'll always look good on your resume.

Get to it! Apply here!


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