Montreal is an active city. Look no further than the many themed runs that we have as evidence of this. Whether you're a seasoned runner, casual jogger or are just setting out on a fitness journey, Montreal is full of incredible places to run, jog, hike or walk. What makes getting active all the more fun is having a way to record progress. Here are five apps that can help take your fitness game to the next level.

1. Runkeeper

Easy to use, the Runkeeper app is great for beginners and experienced runners alike. It helps you keep track of friend's activities, reminds you to get out there, and provides some pretty cool stats along the way. Best of all, Runkeeper occasionally launches fitness challenges where users can complete pre-set goals in order to unlock cool merch.


2. Nike +

With a beautiful interface Nike+ makes running look attractive. The interactive display can even be set up so you can manage your music (iTunes) without ever leaving the app. Boasting a community of dedicated runners, Nike+ is geared towards creating motivation and support. The big numbers displayed for time and distance travelled seem to celebrate your progress every step of the way.


3. Strava

Strava is the running app aimed at the hardcore runners among us. Widely lauded by fitness magazines, Strava aims to light a competitive fire under its users. This is an app even professionals approve of and use. With access to filtered leaderboards and support from a dedicated community, Strava is the app where runners size each other up and really push further.


4. Endomondo

Endomondo wants to make fitness fun! They figure if you like working out, you'll come back; so that's how they designed their user experience. Endomondo features an encouraging mascot who will pipe in and try to motivate runners on the go. Perhaps best of all prospective users can complete an evaluation so that the app tailors its encouragement and goals for their personal fitness level.



5. Zombies, Run!

Want to gamify your workout? Try Zombies, Run! A running app that doubles as an interactive game and story, Zombies, Run! will quickly push runners out of a slow and steady approach. Fitness gets intense now; everyone should remember that rule #1 is Cardio. Zombie encounters will force users to pick up the pace...or else! It's not just a one time experience either; with 200+ playable (runnable) missions, there's plenty of content behind this concept to keep users coming back for more.


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