More than the traffic, more than the decaying roads, more than the cheap and (mostly) reliable public transit, the reason most people reject the idea of driving in Montreal is trying to find a damn parking space. There isn't a single person in this city that has had more positive parking experiences than negative ones. It just doesn't happen.

Parking is an ordeal. And it can be broken down into five stages:

1. Denial

I only have five minutes until my dinner reservation... That’s plenty of time to find parking! Totally!”

2. Anger

“That bastard saw I was heading for that space and took it anyway!”

3. Bargaining

“One-hour parking… Maybe I’ll be back in time… Maybe I won’t get a ticket this time…”

Photo Cred -  love-this-pick-dot-com

4. Depression

I’m five minutes late and I still can’t find a parking spot. It’ll never happen. I’m doomed to circle the same four blocks until the end of time.”

5. Acceptance

I’m late and I have seven blocks to walk uphill… But I parked!

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