Having spent the entire 25 years of my life in Montreal, I've seen some shit in the city's relationship scene.

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I've pretty much, at this point, dated guys from a few different cultures, different cities, and even different countries. I've dated guys from Montreal, too, and in my experience, they tend to be a little bit different from guys who are from other cities. Keep in mind, this is just in my experience; but if you can see yourself in any one of these lessons, then feel free to chuckle along with me.

1. I learned that guys from Montreal are super passionate about their interests

I've dated a lot of guys throughout my life, and the ones who were from Montreal tended to be super passionate about the things they were into. Which is awesome! Even if I didn't share their interests, it was still great to see them light up and get into the things they loved.

2. I learned that guys from Montreal can either be gentlemanly AF or not at all

In my experience, it's a 50/50 split. Which I know sounds like I'm describing pretty much everyone in the world. But in general, I feel like the guys I've dated from Montreal could either be the chivalrous type who insist on holding the door open for you and paying for your coffee, or the sort who show up 50 minutes late with no explanation and text potential Tinder dates right in front of you. There is no in between.

3. I learned that guys from Montreal are chill doing whatever

Which is an awesome thing. Most guys I'd go out with from the city had no problem suggesting places to go to, and had no problem doing the things I'd suggest to do. Some of the guys that I'd date who weren't from the city would rely on me for suggestions a little bit too much, but TBH, I couldn't blame them... If they're not from around here, how are they supposed to know all the cool shit there is to do?

4. I learned that guys from Montreal can have fun doing whatever, too

Montreal is such an amazing city that there's something to do on literally every single corner. In general, the guys I've dated from Montreal were able to have fun in legit any situation (even something as simple as taking a stroll down the block), and I have a theory that it's because Montreal is a city where the notion of having an awesome time just gets ingrained in all of our of our mentalities.

5. I learned that guys from Montreal will probably start off with a coffee date

Because, TBH, the coffee culture is too real in the 514. (Also, coffee as a first date is brilliant because it's not super expensive and you can duck out early if you're both not vibing. Hooray!)

6. I learned that guys from Montreal like going the extra mile to take care of themselves

Most of the guys I've dated from the city were all about that good-looking life. Going to the gym, getting expensive haircuts, getting manicures, going to the spa, and buying fleek clothes and accessories were all part of their routines. TBH, I'm cool whether or not you're into doing all of that; they key thing here is that you're happy with yourself, no matter what that means for you.

7. I learned that guys from Montreal straight-up do not do labels

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Honestly, I've had to have the DTR ("define the relationship") talk more times than I can count. I'm cool with just messing around; I'm cool with being in something long-term. I'm not cool with blindly diving into a relationship not knowing what page we're both on, pushing off the conversation forever, and then ending up being confused AF. (Alright, this one might be a trend affecting everyone - including myself - no matter their city or gender).

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