Photo cred - MyPaint

If you're not planning on being a millionaire then you should probably turn away right now because after seeing this house your apartment is going to seem a lot smaller. This gorgeous property listed on MyPaint is located on Jean-Girard street, and if you're not sure where that is, don't feel bad you've probably never been there because it's a private street in Ville Marie. That's right, when you buy this house you get your very own street.

A huge gated driveway leads you up to the mansion which was built in 1805. It has 18 rooms, 5 bathrooms, a gigantic basement and a built-in heated 6 car garage. And don't let the construction year fool you, this place is one of Montreal's most technologically advanced properties.

Forget about snow removal (not that you'd mind paying for it if you could afford this place) because the driveway is heated. There are terraces on every floor which span the entire length of the house. The house features 4 huge bedrooms, 2 offices, a game room that would make any Habs fan weep, a movie theater, a fully equipped gym and even a massage room (because none of the other 18 rooms will do).

Photo cred - MyPaint

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