Everyone knows going for an artificial tanning session is overdone and not necessarily worth the risk of getting skin cancer. BUT there is an alternative to getting the tan you want, whenever you want it - without the risks involved. Getting a spray tan makes you look like a California Goddess, in a HEALTHY way, and escapes the dangers of UV sun exposure.

But where can we get this natural looking glow in Montreal? Well ladies, we are here to deliver the good news. Welcome to...


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Meet entrepreneur and mother, Ashlinn Cassidy who is the Founder and Owner of Barbarella spa! I got to meet this #bossbabe at the ANWT conference about a month ago, and got the inside scoop about the Montreal spa (literally) everyone is talking about.

When did you decide to open Barbarella?

I was running a spray tan, lash extension and waxing business out of my apartment on the Plateau for 3 years before I took the leap of faith and opened a store front.
Spray tans have always been my speciality and I adore the service it provides to my clients, it's like a major mood boost in 5 minutes- you feel dramatically better and it's the best feeling- for me too!


What differentiates Barbarella from other beauty places in Montreal?

The philosophy behind Barbarella is to offer only the best. We study, we learn, we practice and only then do we pamper. We provide high end client care in a clean and modern environment. We are obsessed with our services and I can guarantee there is no better lash extension, wax job, manicure, pedicure or spray tan in Montreal.

 When I started 6 years ago spray tanning was relatively unheard of - People had tried it, but there were so many negative stories [associated to it]. It took me a lot of convincing, promising and pinky swears to get to where I am today providing this awesome service in a custom built facility made just for spray tanning.

All of my clients from when I first started still come for spray tans! I think part of the Barbarella success story is the overcoming of stigma and fighting against the odds of such a new service, it gives my job a sweeter satisfaction.

What’s next for Barbarella?

The focus has always been on growth since day one, we see a second Barbarella opening its doors one day.  Together we have a positive, hardworking attitude toward our company and we think something through to the tiniest details before moving ahead with it. Patience, quality and the long-game is what we are about.

Come check it out for yourself, we promise you won't regret it! Make sure to Follow their Facebook and Instagram.

Book your next spray tan session directly here.

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