The official forecast for cherry trees to blossom this year is from March 18th to 23rd, 2016. So hurry up and plan this road trip ASAP. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be there at these specific dates, a few days before or after the expected bloom dates also guarantee a great experience.

The trees are blossoming in Washington, DC. It’s a bit of a commitment to actually get there, but it’s totally worth the drive. In addition, road trips are really fun. Stock up on junk food, gather your best friends, play good music and enjoy the ride. Sounds like a really good time to me!

Just look how gorgeous the scenery is. Cherry blossom flowers also smell divine. You will forget everything and get completely immersed into the fairy tale. Not to mention all the spectacular photos you’ll be able to take, post on your social media and make everyone jealous.

Too lazy to drive to Washington? There are other wonderful festivals happening in and around Montreal. For example, Ottawa's tulip festival or Quebec's lavender fields. We got you, you’re welcome.

More festival info here.

Here are more photos that will put you in the mood for that Washington, DC road trip.

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A photo posted by @yesha_ya on

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