Many many moons ago - we're talking millions of years here - large sheets of ice covered most of what we know as Canada today.

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These icy glaciers carved out a geographical phenomenon called a fjord, a long narrow inlet with massive jutting steep cliffs.  We typically think of countries like Norway and Sweden to be home to the fjords of the world, but what many people don't know that Canada is home to one of the largest fjords in the world.


Parc national du Fjord-du-Saguenay is located about 5 hours from Montreal and is a breathtaking natural marvel that will inspire the senses and really show you the result of mother nature's awesome power. 

Not only can you bask in the awe-inspiring nature of the fjord, but you can head down to  Baie de Tadoussac to admire the panorama of the boundless sea, and also check out hundreds of migrating birds.

A visit to this extraordinary nature-lovers paradise makes for a beautiful vacation idea, or even for a long weekend in the summer.  You can stay in the park, camping spots are available. Or you can just drive in for the day and stay in Quebec city only 2.5 hours away.


The park also has a museum and countless water activities and endless hiking trails to enjoy.

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