With Halloween just around the corner, it's not only kids are spending hours on end picking out what costume they're going to wear for this year's spooky day.

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TL;DR Every year a new list of offensive Halloween costumes pops up, and you may just want to be in the know so you don't show up to a party in completely inapproriate attire. Below is a list of the most offensive costumes you definitely should not wear this year.

Us grown-ups have to get ready for the festive night as well, but need to be extra cautious.

Each year, more and more costumes are deemed inappropriate. That's generally good news. Racist or otherwise inappropriate costumes are finally being taken off store shelves. Companies and the public at large should always act in a socially responsible manner.

But much work still has to be done.

To help you navigate all the costume choices before you, we've compiled this list of some pretty bad choices you should avoid.

1. Gender Based Costumes

Via Party City

Offense: Joking about gender sterotypes/ issues; transphobic

2. Day of the Dead Costumes

Via Party City

Offense: Cultural appropriation.

3. Army/Military Costumes

Via Party City

Offense: Makes a joke of/sexualizes the tragedy of war.

4. Weight-Based Costumes

Via Party City

Offense: Body shaming.

5. Costumes that Use Indigenous Stereotypes or Culture

Via Amazon

Offense: Cultural appropriation; sexualizes indigenous women

6. Hugh Hefner Costume

Via Party City

Offense: Glorifies sexual harassment.

7. Any World War Costumes

Via Walmart

Offense: Glorifies genocide and anti-Semitism

8. Religious Costumes

Via Spirit Halloween

Offense: Sexualizes religious figures.

9. Prisoner Costume

Via Spirit Halloween

Offense: Jokes about incarceration.

10. Pervert or Sexual Predator Costumes

Via Spirit Halloween

Offense: Jokes about sexual assault.

11. Opposite Gender Costumes

Via Spirit Halloween

Offense: Objectifies/Sexualizes the opposite gender.

12. Political Leader Costume

Via HalloweenCostumes.ca

Offense: Glamourizes political issues.

Honourable Mention goes to:

Via HalloweenCostumes.ca

You really just shouldn't dress up as Donald Trump.

Hopefully your costume didn't make this list!

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