It looks like we may have just found the world's most exclusive apartment ever.

There are a few such apartments around the world. One notable example has to be the secret Disney hotel room located inside the Magic Castle.

Only that one can be rented provided you have an extra $40,000 lying around.

But this secret apartment can't be rented no matter how rich you are.

As a special promotion for the 2016 Eurocup, HomeAway have converted an old conference room located 187 feet high in the Eiffel Tower into a 2,000 square foot luxury apartment.

It features massive windows to give you a spectacular view of Paris as well as 2 bedrooms, a huge living room complete with a foosball table and of course, some giant TVs to watch all the Eurocup action.

Stays at the apartment can only be won during a special contest and once it's over the apartment will be dismantled meaning only a lucky few will be able to say they've ever spent a night in the Eiffel tower.

Fun Fact: When Gustave Eiffel designed the tower, he built himself a cozy little apartment at the very top of the tower which made him the envy of Paris.

Many people tried to rent the apartment that sat 1,000 above Paris, but Eiffel kept it exclusively for himself and even hosted some notable celebrities at the time such as Thomas Edison.

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