How much does your pet preference reveal about your personality? According to a recent study done by, you can actually learn a lot about someone by the type of pet the own. The sharpest divide in characteristics and personality traits come from the older-than-time-itself argument of whether dogs or cats are superior. Stereotypically, cat people are soft spoken, emotional, and may be an insane 80 year old who lives in a rundown shack filled with four hundred felines. Dog people are known to be efficient, abrasive, or a mother with empty nest syndrome who dresses up her pooch in adorably lame sweaters. But what does legit research say?

Polling a total of 222, 651 people, grouped these individuals into hardcore cat or dog people. Using this title, researchers then cross-referenced the dog and cat folks' responses with over 80 million other questions. From personality to politics, the truth about cat people and dog people is finally here. Take a look at the breakdown below.

The Basic Stats

Dog People

  • Tend to be male
  • 50% more likely to be conservative
  • 28% more likely to be a student
  • Tend to live in South and North America

Cat People

  • Tend to be female
  • More on the liberal side of things
  • 17% more likely to have a graduate degree
  • Tend to live in Europe and Australia


Both camps view themselves as environmentally minded, as well as being optimists, but key differences exist which are surprisingly similar to their animal of choice. Dogs like to play outdoors with others while cats stay in and stick with friends, sound like you?

Dog People

  • 15% more likely to be extroverts
  • Equally enjoy individual and team competitions
  • 36% more likely to be outdoorsy and active
  • 30% more likely to enjoy impressions and slapstick comedy

Cat People

  • 11% more likely to be introverts.
  • 14% more likely to cling to existing friends at a social gatherings
  • 27% prefer individual competition to team competition
  • 21% more likely to enjoy witty sayings and puns

Tech and Media

Dog People

  • 12% will jump on new tech immediatly
  • 23% will likely use iPhones
  • 36% use a pop song as their ringtone
  • Favourite website: Gizmodo
  • Favourite TV shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Everybody Loves Raymond, American Idol
  • Favourite Music: jam bands, psychedelic rock, reggae

Cat People

  • will wait to see if tech works before buying it
  • 7% will likely own android phones
  • 11% more likely to see themselves as 'fashion challenged'
  • Favourite website: Texts from Last Night
  • Favourite TV Shows: CSI, Damages, Real Time with Bill Maher
  • Favourite Music: new wave, classic rock, electronic

What This Means To You

I'm sure you read this thinking: "Hey, I own a dog and I love puns!" or "My cat doesn't make me introverted! and I hate Damages!" That's because these are generalizations among a huge demographic. Lets be honest though, some of these numbers make sense, and I'm sure you self-identified with a couple of those stats. Next time you have a first date, meet a new friend, or get a new job, just try and find out who owns what kind of pet. You'll learn something they may not be willing to share.

For all the info, check out the source-infographic here. 

What do you think Montreal? Do these stats make total sense, or are you a cat or dog person who breaks the mold? Meow or woof in the comments below.

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