If you know me at all, then you know that I love dogs. Like, I'll stop you in the street to have a convo with your pup. Yes, exactly like a crazy person. No, not like someone who has any shame. Because I don't.

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So, naturally, I think every single dog is adorable... But I just happen to have a soft spot for pit bulls. My mother has not one, but two glorious pit bulls, and I love them like they're my own legit siblings.

Sadly, pit bulls have been in the news lately after Montreal's decision to ban the breed. And although I do see both sides of the argument, I personally seriously disagree with the ban.

I stumbled upon the #monCHIENmaFAMILLEqc Facebook group a little while ago, and we contacted them to see if we could showcase just how awesome pit bulls truly can be. So gaze upon these adorable pit bull faces, friends, and prepare for a cuteness overload.

For more pictures of adorable pit bulls (and other dogs!) check out their full album on Facebook.

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