McDonald's gets a lot of shit-talk directed at it when it comes to health and nutrition. Society has a stigma against the fast food giant, yet everyone still gorges on the McD menu regularly, even though they "know" better. But what do we really know? Tons of claims are made against the health aspects of McDonald's food, some of which are true, others being straight up lies to get attention. We've filtered a few lies and truths for you so you can make a more informed decision the next time you get a McDonald's craving.

McDonald's and weight loss

  • The Lie: Anyone who eats McDonald's all of the time will gain weight, with their general health negatively effected. Popularized in mainstream media by the film Super Size Me, and others
  • The Flipside: John Cisna, an Iowan science teacher ate nothing but McDonald's for three months, losing 37 pounds and lowering his cholesterol levels.
  • The Truth: You can gain weight eating excess of anything. Cisna proved that if you make somewhat smart food choices, and maintain a generally active lifestyle, you can lose weight while eating McDonald's.

Where's the beef?

  • The Lie:  McDonald's  uses some form of "beef" that is mass produced, bad for the environment, and is apparently incapable of rotting. 
  • The Flipside: McDonald's claims to be using 100% Canadian beef and has declared to begin using only "verified sustainable beef"
  • The Truth: No definition exists for "verified sustainable beef" so McDonald's can pretty much go wherever with that statement and still claim to be "right" and will likely greatly effect the beef industry. After tests, many burgers (including homemade versions) also didn't rot after a very long period of time.

The origins of the egg

  • The Lie: Served on many breakfast items, the McDonald's "folded egg" is simply a freshly prepared egg done prepared as an omelette.
  • The Flipside: McDonald's egg products all come prepackaged and are incredibly refined, including a round egg log (as seen in Clerks 2)
  • The Truth: The "folded egg" does come prepackaged and has over ten ingredients. The round egg, found on a a McMuffin (and can be substituted by request) is cracked in-house from an actual egg and served that morning.

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