Montreal is a fashion forward city. In my opinion, we're the fashion capital of Canada, by far. One of my favourite things to do is just people watch. It's so fascinating.

It can be freezing cold outside, yet Montreal guys still manage to look hot somehow. Props for making an effort even when the weather isn't! Here are some of the things that Montreal men wear that I find totally irresistible.

A photo posted by Kyron Warrick (@gotsweige) on

Biker leather jacket.

A photo posted by Oli Door (@oliverdoor) on

All black everything.

A photo posted by @_mantoine on


Suit, obviously.

Fedora hat.

A photo posted by Sacha (@thesachito) on

Ripped denim.

A photo posted by Jay Lavigne (@jaylavign) on


A photo posted by Benjamin Roy (@b_e_king) on

Trench coat.

A photo posted by Dr. Matt (@mattypowz) on

White coat. Because. Uniforms.

Workout gear.

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