CBC is reporting that there very well may be an all-new use for your Keurig coffee machine in the morning, noon or night! Lol.

A Canadian company called CannTrust has invented a single-serve marijuana pod similar to the ones you are all familiar with. The product is called CANNCUP.

Just like other coffee pods on the market (Nespresso, Tassimo), the CANNCUP will in fact contain your favourite flavours of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate however these capsules have dried cannabis mixed inside.

They are saying this will be "a standardized dose of medical marijuana," as per CannTrust's CEO Eric Paul.

CannTrust is looking to jump in on U.S. companies who are already on the market doing it big.

Price of said pods will be anywhere from $3 to $4 each.

For more information please read here.

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