Have you ever wanted to travel across Europe, Southeast Asia or The United States with your best friend? Well, hop-on-hop-off flexible travel expert, Busabout, wants to PAY you to take the trip of a lifetime and document the whole thing.

They have just launched The Great Travel Experiment with the hope of showing the world that being flexible and spontaneous creates the best travel experience - and they want your help to do it. 

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TL;DR Flex-travel company Busabout is embarking on a Great Travel Experiment - and they need six spontaneous travellers to join them on three separate trips. One in Europe, one in SE Asia and one across the United States. More details below.

Busabout is looking for three pairs of adventurers to head out on The Great Travel Experiment and capture all the amazing moments along the way.

The catch? While out on the road, Busabout Instagram followers will decide your next move, from which "flavour of ice-cream you'll slurp on in New York, to whether you'll ski- the Swiss alps."

The trips are valued at around $14,000 each, however, if you win, your adventure will be all-expenses paid. You will also receive an additional $350 per week while you're on the road. 

The three trips look amazing, and honestly, I would kill to do any of them.

The Euro Trip

Via Busabout

The Euro Trip starts in July and is 11 weeks. You'll cover classic European cities and experience some of the best festivals the continent has to offer. 

South East Asia

Via Busabout

The Asia trip starts in May and lasts 6 weeks. Discover the best of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos - from beaches to night markets and everything in between.

The U.S.A

Via Busabout

The great American road trip - is there anything more classic? This trip starts in June and lasts 6 weeks. You'll get to explore the States from coast to coast, taking in everything from national parks and national plates.

To apply, you need to upload a 60-second video to YouTube, showing off your hometown while using the hashtags #travelexperiement and #busabout. 

After you've posted your video, fill out the application on the page linked below! You have until April 8th to apply for either their Instagrammer or Videographer position. If you and your bestie are applying together, you'll each need to fulfil one of the roles. 

Get all the details at their site here, and best of luck to you and your bestie!

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