Guys, every so often, you stumble upon something so awesome that it just needs to be shared.

This Instagram account we recently discovered? Yeah, totally an example of that.

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The account, @marinacyoga, features a young woman doing all sorts of really cool yoga poses in Montreal metro stations, shot by the woman's sister, professional photographer Carolina Huang.

I got in touch with the woman, Marina, originally from Brazil.

She told me that the idea for the metro yoga photos was actually her sister's.

Her sister, Carolina, shoots all the photos, while Marina does the poses.

Marina came to Montreal from Brazil in September.

She had the idea of taking pictures of her yoga poses...

... And Carolina suggested they explore Montreal through yoga poses in the metro.

Although the pair are done their Yoga Metro series, this is just the beginning.

They plan to explore more of Montreal through yoga poses...

... By taking the photos at spots that are super relevant to the city.

Honestly, this project seems fun AF! Make sure to keep your eyes on Marina's Instagram account for any updates.

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