When you think of Quebec, you might not instantly think of gorgeous beaches.

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I mean, we have tons of amazing things in this province. Beautiful scenery; amazing culture; gorgeous parks; breathtaking forests... but beaches? Yeah, that might not be on the list.

Except that it totally, totally is.

Sandy Hook Beach (or Plage Du Havre) is a gorgeous beach situated in Havre-Aubert, Quebec, which is in Les Iles De La Madeleine. 

It's got pretty much everything you could ever want in a gorgeous beach. White sand, blue waters, and a whole lot of good vibes, basically. 

Plus, you can go kayaking, kitesurfing, and bird watching. So not only is this a beautiful place to chill, but it's also a glorious spot to have some serious fun.

Not only is this beach incredibly gorgeous, but Havre-Aubert, Quebec is breathtaking, as well. So you can go exploring and still be seriously stunned, too!

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