Towering above Montreal and gazing upon the city from Place Ville Marie is an experience all of us normal folk won't have until next June. Through the lens of one photographer, however, we can see the entire metropolis from the Place Ville Marie vantage point, with a full 360-degree and POV.

Jean Pierre Lavoie, in collaboration with La Presse, took to the roof of Place Ville Marie with his camera in hand, and created a full-blown panorma of the city from its tallest building. Fully responsive, you can turn your gaze all around the vantage point and zoom in wherever, with the entire image comprised of one billion pixels.

Featured in the digital version of La Presse (here) you can also check out the high-def panorama of Montreal right here. It would have been nice if the photos were taken on a sunny day, but given the stunning perspective and the interactivity of the mini-site, we still think the panorama is quite impressive.

View the Insane 360° Montreal Panorama HERE.

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