Montreal sure is filled with inspirational people that we see on the news, and one of them happens to be Nalie Agustin, a young woman battling cancer. She was first diagnosed in 2013 with stage 2B Breast Cancer at the age of 24.  She went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy and had a mastectomy on her left breast which was followed by 29 rounds of radiation. She shared this story on her YouTube channel, instagram, and blog and a year later was cancer free!

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However, Nalie has been re-diagnosed this past January, 3 years later, with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer in her lungs. Her second journey began again as her doctor told her that there was no cure. Nalie now has to live with cancer for the rest of her life, but that isn't stopping her from living her life to the fullest!

Nalie shares her story with all of Montreal, and the world, through social media and has accumulated 30.1 K followers on Instagram and 9.1 K subscribers on YouTube. Her story truly touched my heart and I know that it inspires thousands more since everyone has been affected by cancer in some way. 

via @nalieagustin

Her story has drastically helped other patients who are battling similar or very different cancers. She has appeared on CTV, Breakfast Television Montreal, CBC, and the list goes on! She discusses her story and gives tips to fellow cancer patients and their loved ones. One of my favorite videos was about tips for couples coping with cancer!

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She describes herself as a Metastatic Breast Cancer THRIVER and refuses to let cancer define her. Nalie also has a mission to bring awareness that cancer does not just happen to elderly women since she was 24 years old when she was first diagnosed. Her posts vary from how to fashion a headscarf to how she deals with cancer! She also posts before and after her rounds of chemotherapy.

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Between her two diagnoses, she traveled to the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, did a TED talk and even wrote the “Chemo Secrets” e-guide! Her upbeat personality shines through all of her videos and posts on social media. She is more than a patient battling cancer, she is an inspiration to everyone. Nalie Agustin is constantly smiling, as some of you may already see on her Instagram. She creates a majority of lifestyle content like health tips and also many interviews!

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I first came across Nalie Agustin on Instagram when I saw her on my featured feed. The post was of Nalie dancing and shaking it before her 6th round of chemotherapy. I was immediately intrigued and watched all her videos! It truly left me it tears and appreciation. Following her on Instagram while she posts in "real time" her cancer battle truly is something we can all benefit and learn from.  She truly is a Montreal influencer!

P.S. Nalie Agustin is also trying to get on the Ellen Show! So, help her out by reposting one of her pictures or short videos on Instagram while tagging her and @theellenshow!

via @nalieagustin

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